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Delivery Of King Tiger Test System Puts DDR2 Module Delivery On Schedule For Next Month

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — January 2, 2004 — With delivery of a new KT-2 King Tiger Test System, Legacy Electronics announces they have begun testing their new second-generation Dual Data Rate (DDR2) memory modules, which is the last stage in the manufacture of these new modules. As such, the company expects to deliver the first DDR2 module samples to first-tier OEMs in February. DDR2 is an important tool in the development of new high-speed personal computers, servers and workstations.

Ken Kledzik, Legacy Electronics' Chief Technology Officer, stated, "This is a milestone for us and for the industry. DDR2 can't be tested appropriately without the new King Tiger KT-2, and we've just taken delivery. The system combines a traditional Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) style tester with their Behavioral Test Technology (BTT) for testing memory semiconductors and modules."

Joe Klein, King Tiger Technology's President and CEO, added, "BTT is what allows us to simulate system behavior in a controlled environment. This combination of excellent correlation and high throughput is exactly what Legacy needs to test their new DDR2."

About King Tiger Technology, Inc.

King Tiger Technology is a leading designer of test equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. The company, based in Austin, Texas, was founded in March of 2002 to develop test products around its patented BTT technology. For more information go to or contact Nik Tryer at 512-401-8775.

About Legacy Electronics

Founded in 1993 and located among the new high-technology companies of South Orange County, California, Legacy Electronics is home of the patented Canopy™ chip-stacking alternative, a three-dimensional printed circuit board subassembly and process technology. Legacy is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, designer and tester of high-speed, high-density memory modules, printed circuit boards, and other computer products.

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