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Legacy Electronics Announces New PC-100 SDRAM Compatible Memory Modules

Legacy Electronics Announces New PC-100 SDRAM Compatible Memory Modules; 128MB 100MHz DIMM Designed to Intels PC SDRAM DIMM SPEC 0.9

Legacy Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of memory upgrades, has introduced and is currently shipping a new line of Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMM) based on Intel's PC SDRAM DIMM Specification 0.9. Designed to support the 100 MHz bus and Pentium II processor, the new line reflects the growing need for more memory performing at faster speeds.

Jason Engle, company President, commented, "We saw the need in the marketplace for high-speed memory products that support Intel's popular chipsets. When we decided on our specs for our current product line, we felt it was imperative that our new modules comply with Intels PC SDRAM DIMM Spec 0.9 in order to ensure PC 100 bus speed and full compatibility. This requirement for high-speed SDRAM products sets Legacy's designs apart from others currently being offered. We follow high-speed circuit design rules while strictly adhering to Intel's 0.9 SDRAM Specs."  He continues,  "Our latest SDRAM product releases are designed to be 100 MHz bus ready in anticipation of faster SDRAM components, Intel's next generation BX chipset and to currently support the 66 MHz bus. Our custom-designed SDRAM module is available in either the standard 1.25 inch or low profile 1.15 inch height. Legacy is currently shipping these modules at a highly competitive price that is the best value for the highest quality in the industry."

Ken Kledzik, Legacy's Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, noted, "The low-profile (1.15 height) 128 MB SDRAM DIMM was a challenge to design, and not just because of the height restriction. Having limited board space for component placement and signal routing creates a new set of problems for high-speed designing and manufacturing."

"All PCBs (printed circuit boards) are not created equal," continued Kledzik. "High-speed electronic circuit board layouts develop transmission line characteristics. Proper care and consideration must be taken into the PCB design and layout. Designers will no longer be able to get away with poor quality board designs that usually work with slower speed digital electronics. There are many issues to address with high-speed designs, such as capacitive loading, impedance/line length matching, clock distribution, and proper termination. Designs need to be electrically matched to each other to ensure there is no discontinuity. The effects caused by an improper design will cause problems at the system/test level and cannot be repaired after they are manufactured without redesigning the PCB."

"In addition, we wanted to have the PCB 100 MHz ready when the PC-100 SDRAMs are readily available and when PCs employ 100 MHz bus speeds. Even offering our current PC 100 ready module today with 66 MHz technology ensures a higher quality more stable design even at Slower bus speeds"  Kledzik said.

Legacy's products support Intel's AL 440LX motherboard. The company has successfully tested its products with other manufacturer's motherboards that rely on Intel's 440LX chipset in its own lab. Legacy is currently shipping 32/64/128 MB non-parity x64 SDRAM modules and error correction code (ECC) DIMMs. All products are tested at peak performance using Intel PC Diag Version 3.48 and Windows NT hardware compatibility tests (HCT) to ensure their reliability in the field. All SDRAM products from Legacy Electronics are manufactured to ISO-9002 standards and are 100% tested at speed. Samples and data sheets for Legacy's new modules are available now.

Legacy Electronics, Inc. is a five-year-old international distributor and manufacturer of high-speed memory products with $30 million in annual sales. Headquartered in San Clemente, CA, Legacy is ranked no. 10 on Electronic Buyers News list of Top 100 Independent Electronics Distributors.

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