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Legacy Electronics Receives Intel® Advanced Tested 100% Pass Rate Award From CMTL

Computer Memory Test Labs announced today that Legacy Electronics Inc. has been awarded 100% pass rate recognition for advanced memory module compatibility testing.

December 5, 2013:  Anaheim, California: CMTL, (, Computer Memory Test Labs, the industry’s leading independent memory compatibility and functionality testing lab announced today that Legacy Electronics Inc. has been awarded 100% pass rate recognition for advanced memory module compatibility testing performed on Intel platforms during the last 12 months and for the second consecutive year.
CMTL's President, John Deters stated “Legacy Electronics has been in the CMTL/Intel Advanced Tested memory compatibility testing program for over 13 years, each year the compatibility, functionality and quality level of their modules has continued to increase. Legacy Electronics is a CMTL Premier Partner in the Intel Advanced Tested memory compatibility and functionality testing program has now reached the highest level possible with a 100% pass rate. More impressive is the fact that the 100% pass rate was on over 300 Intel advanced tests performed in the last 12 months. The minimum number of tests that must be performed to receive 100% pass rate recognition is 100 tests.  Legacy Electronics performed triple the amount and still maintained a 100% pass rate. Over 100 tests were performed on servers alone. That is a phenomenal achievement”

Legacy Electronics’ CEO, Jason Engle, said “It’s important to us that our memory modules pass CMTL’s in-depth set of checks and tests to provide Intel partners and system builders with the assurance of compatibility and performance they expect.  It’s gratifying to see that our hard work for Intel Advanced Test approval has paid off, and that we are the first company to achieve ‘Intel Approved’ with a 100% pass rate for a second consecutive year, including over 300 tests in 2013 alone. We appreciate our partnership with CMTL and being recognized as the most reliable and dedicated manufacturer of Intel Approved memory modules in the industry. ”
CMTL was established in 1996, in cooperation with Intel, as a third party independent test lab to ensure memory module compatibility on Intel platforms. Memory successfully Intel advanced tested by CMTL is added to each Intel motherboard approved memory list. Modules not approved by Intel are not supported and may have a higher risk of experiencing sporadic errors, unstable functionality, performance issues and system crashes

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