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Legacy Electronics Receives U.S. Patent For Canopy 3-D PCB

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — November 29, 2001 — Legacy Electronics announced today that their firm was granted U.S. Patent #6,313,998 this month by the U.S. commissioner of patents and trademarks for their Canopy® printed circuit board subassembly and process technology. Chief Technology Officer Kenneth J. Kledzik invented Canopy® to address memory capacity challenges without stacking, and to reduce memory module manufacturing cost and reliability issues.

Legacy Electronics introduced Canopy® with patent-pending product releases in the second quarter of 2000. Canopy® has been in full production since the third quarter 2000, with a subsequent variety of OEM application acceptance.

"The Canopy® patent is the first in a series of patents we have applied for to protect our intellectual property," said Jason Engle. "Canopy® allows components to be mounted to its surface," he continues. "The PCB is actually a component of Canopy®, so this is not a stacking technology, rather it is a three-dimensional process that can be used in a variety of space-limited design applications."

With its built-in heat sink, Canopy® reduces thermal failures associated with stacked chip technologies. Unlike designs relying on header pins, Canopy® has internal pin routing with full power and ground planes, and is impedance controlled.

Kledzik adds, "Canopy®'s solid surface provides all types of pin-out configurations, including BGA packages. Rework is simplified using low-cost standard tools."

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Founded in 1993 and located among South Orange County, California's new high technology companies, Legacy Electronics is an ISO 9001-registered electronics firm. Last year the company purchased and moved into new manufacturing headquarters to accommodate expansion of surface-mount technology (SMT) and automated test (ATE) equipment, as well as the hiring of additional personnel.

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