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Mac G3 Desktop Demo'd With 384MB Memory For First Time

Legacy Electronics 128MB-125/100 MHz Module Debuted in Apples Booth at Macworld

San Clemente —  Legacy Electronics' new low-profile 128Mb SDRAM DIMM had quite a coming out party in the Apples booth at the Macworld show held last week. Utilizing the latest 64 Megabit synchronous DRAM technology, the revolutionary new 1.15 inch module attracted the attention of Apples G3 product group and MacWorld attendees while it was being demonstrated in Legacy's booth. Subsequently, the module was installed in Apple Computers own desktop G3 on the show floor and the system ran flawlessly at its 384 MB capacity with Legacy's new design.

According to Linda McNulty, Product Line Manager of Apples Power Macintosh Product Group, "We installed the memory in one of the 266 G3 desktop systems on the floor and it not only worked, but it kicked! It actually launched Photoshop in 5 seconds!"

Jason Engle, Legacy's President, commented, "We were the only company displaying the 128MB module inside a G3 that was running popular software programs. Attendees were particualy enthused because extended memory is something they have been waiting for since the G3s introduction. It certainly drew a lot of attention! MacWorld was a great show for us because customers were able to speak directly with Ken Kledzik, our design engineer, as well as myself. The feedback was very positive, especially when we were able to take orders for product that is available and already in full production."

Ken Kledzik, Legacy's Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, noted, "After speaking with other hardware engineers, it became obvious to me that there is a definite need for a company specializing in high-speed design. I noticed a lot of poor quality board designs at the show. Many designers are using auto routing technology (software that designs the PCB for them) to design SDRAM DIMMs. This type of printed circuit board layout is unacceptable in high-speed, high-density designs. Cost cutting techniques typically result in 4-layer boards with too few or improperly located decoupling capacitors, poor or no impedance control, traces/routing with unsuitable spacing and too many vias. The design requirements for SDRAM DIMMs are specific to board layers, impedance control, decoupling capacitors, trace lengths, and line spacing. Saving a few dollars on less expensive boards is not worth the cost of reliability. Me-too companies without an understanding of high-speed design will not be able to compete in this marketplace."

The new 128 MB DIMM for the Apple Power Mac G3 augments a growing line of Legacy's products available for this system. Currently being shipped are 16Mb/32Mb/64Mb DIMMs as well as 2/4 Mb SGRAM upgrades for the G3 system. For those users requiring the additional memory and performance needed to take advantage of the G3s multimedia and graphic capabilities, this new line offers the greatest flexibility and value in the memory module market today. Samples and data sheets for Legacy's new modules are available now.

Legacy Electronics is a five year old international distributor and manufacturer of memory products, specializing in high-speed manufacturing, design, and test. Headquartered in San Clemente, CA, Legacy currently has $30 million in annual sales and is ranked #10 on Electronic Buyers News list of Top 100 Independent Electronics Distributors.

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