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New SODIMM Incorporates Infineon Memory Chips For Reduced Power Consumption & Increased Battery Life In Notebook Applications

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — May 28, 2002 — Notebook designers now have a new high-density, Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SODIMM) option that incorporates Infineon Technologies' extended low-power Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) chips introduced last year. Called Cool-RAM™, Legacy's 144-pin Mobile-RAM SODIMM uses a significantly reduced self-refresh current, as well as a lower operating current, lower burst operating current, and lower auto refresh current. Cool-RAM™'s 20-50% power consumption reduction features also mean less heat production, and an extended battery life, when compared to Standard SDRAM SODIMM operations.

Ken Kledzik, Legacy Electronics' Chief Technology Officer, says, "The confined spaces and low air flow inherent to notebook design mean heat is always a concern. The Cool-RAM™ SODIMM features reduce wattage, lower heat, and thereby increase reliability. Depending on the application, power savings will fall somewhere in the range of 20-50% across the ICC parameters."

Jason Engle, President of Legacy Electronics, adds, "While there is a minimal cost increase for Cool-RAM™ SODIMMS, Legacy's customers will still see immediate savings and a  performance/value boost.

Notebook Market

Even in the current cautious economic environment, the lower price points and improved performance of notebooks encourages market growth. In a recent Newsfactor Network article (, writer Lisa Gill quotes IDC's portable PC analyst, "Corporations - - primarily small to medium businesses - - are replacing desktops with mid-range portable PCs. While IT budgets have been constrained, businesses can wait until the economy improves, which (we see) at the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003."

Cool-RAM™ Availability

Available now as 64MB and 128MB devices, Cool-RAM™SODIMMS will be available in 256MB and 512 MB options by July. Cool-RAM™ SODIMMS are JEDEC standard 144-pin glass epoxy substrate modules, with either a single 2.5v or 3.3v power supply, and consist of four or eight low-power CMOS SDRAMs in FBGA packages, and a 2K EEPROM in an 8-pin TSOP package.

Data Sheet

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